Organize turnkey team games with our award-winning catalog

Organizing team games has never been this easy!

You may simply purchase a start code for the game that suits your needs. Then you can start the game, and allow your team members to download and experience the game with a free ActionTrack app available on App Store and Google Play.

In most of our games, you have the option to add your own content and questions. This way you can quickly customize the games for various events and audiences. Any content or questions you store in your personal library are available also in all your future games.

Add a virtual treasure hunt to your teleconference


Who's who?

Who's who? ice breaker game inspires players to get social instantly. Laughter and high fives expected! The players get acquainted with each other in a fun and engaging way. Players also learn new things about each other.

The game is suitable to both face-to-face events and teleconference meetings. No guide book needed!


Escape game - 4 rooms

In this Escape Game you need to be smart to escape to freedom. In each room you get tasks and puzzles which open clues for the room passcode. Can you break free?

You can quickly customize the game for your teleconference or any physical environment with 4x4 tasks for the players.

The game typically takes 45-60 minutes to complete.


Outdoor Bingo

Everybody knows how to play Bingo!

Now you can play Bingo in a completely new way, outdoors, picking up the balls appearing all around. Also the sum of any two balls picked is accepted.

All players have unique coupons, and you can win with one & two lines, as well as with the full house.

Ask Outdoor Bingo to your location:

We also develop and deliver bespoke games

In case you want a fully custom made game or event, just contact us: We are surely able to deliver the game for your exact needs.

We have won multiple awards with activating and interactive games with a purpose. We have licensed ActionTrack games to more than 60 countries worldwide.

Improve your team performance by playing our seriously fun games with a purpose!

"This was great! We played Who’s Who? game at our summer party and people were more active than what we anticipated. Excellent!"

Marika Kojo, Communications manager, Papula-Nevinpat

Cockpit Event has been a Team Action Zone partner from early 2013, and ActionTrack has been a huge success in our corporate events business. 

Sidsel Skjelmerud, Event manager & partner, Cockpit Event

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